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IEL League Handbook



Who we are?

The Imperial eSports League (“
IEL”) is a European-based Rocket League league organisation that was established in July 2018. Players from around the world contribute to and compete in the IEL. We take pride in providing a great home for members of any background.

With both tough competition and a top-notch community, the IEL has been able to have successful past seasons. With the introduction of a third league, we aim to further strengthen the competitive aspect.

To find out more information on the IEL and how we operate, then please carry on reading.



Every member, that wants to participate in the league as a player, has to fill out the application form on the website;

IEL Signup Form

For a player to be able to receive free agency for the upcoming or running season the following requirements must be met:

– No suspension for the current season (bypassers will be punished immediately, as soon as found out)
– All accounts, the player has ever played on, must be listed with a working tracker link, this includes but is not limited to smurfs or old accounts after a platform change, use links as well
– All players, that sign up for the league have to have at least 100 games played in the current season  in all playlists + be ranked in 2s or 3s or have 100+ games per month played total on all playlist in the previous season (4 month season → 400 minimum games). This is to ensure fairness and filter smurfs.
– Also accounts that only have the current season on record (and no listed alt accounts with previous seasons) are subject to delays or get denied free agency due to the suspicion of it being a smurf.

For further information head over to the How-to-start-guide or ping the support team in #support

League Structure


IEL currently homes 32 organisations (“
Franchises”). Franchises consist of a Master League team, an Elite League team and a Prospect League team with each made up of 4 players. Each franchise is overseen by a GM (can be a player). The GM can appoint 2 or 3 captains, with each looking after one team in a franchise. Franchises will use the same team name and logo over all three leagues.

Each roster will also need to have a total DSN of equal to or less than the DSN cap (more on that later on). We also introduce a minimum team DSN to avoid teams that are not able to compete and drop out early, because of this. This is 200 under every DSN cap.

League Play

Each league is formed of 2 conferences, with the amount of teams being split equally between each conference, and each conference will be split further into 2 divisions.

For Season 4, we will have 32 teams in each league, equating to 16 teams per conference, and 8 per division (2 conferences per league, 2 divisions per conference, equating to 4 divisions per league). Our skill ranges for the 3 leagues are D1 to C1 for the Prospect League, C2 to low GC the Elite League and GC+ for the Master league.

The record of each team will be decided by a straightforward system of comparing their wins to their losses – a team with a 10-0 record will be placed higher up in their division than a team that has a record of 6-4. Forfeiting will count as a loss for the forfeiting team. The tiebreaker for league position will be the games won percentage, with games being each individual game in a series.

Each team will have to play two best of 5 series per game week. Each team will have to play the amount of games as follows:

  • Each of the 7 teams in their division twice (14 series)
  • Each of the 8 teams in the other division of their conference once (8 series)
  • 2 cross-conference matches, against a team of a similar seeding position (2 series)

For Season 4, this will equate to a regular league play season length of 12 weeks (24 series/2 series per week = 12 weeks).


The top 2 teams in each division will get automatic entrance to the playoffs, which will fill up 8/12 of the playoff spots. The division winners will get a by in the first round and enter the playoffs in round 2.

The remaining 4 playoffs spots are determined by the best 4 teams (after the above teams that gain their automatic playoff spots) according to their win/loss record. These so-called “Wildcards” are limited to 2 piece a conference.

Playoffs will be 12 team double-elimination, with the teams being seeded. Please refer to the the spreadsheet and the IEL website to view the playoffs bracket. All matches are best of 5 matches, with the exception of the both semifinals, the losers final and the grand final being best of 7 matches.

Roster Management

When you wish to fill a spot on your rosters or replace a player on of your rosters with someone from the free agents pool, you can find the pool on the IEL spreadsheet and the IEL website, which houses all of the important information for the league.

Signing/Releasing Players

The teams can start to fill their rosters after the release of the official IEL spreadsheet. Players that are signed before the season start have to be on the roster until week 3 is over. Every team has to be filled until the pre-season roster lock.

Every team of a franchise has 3 tactical roster changes. The are changes that are made because a player doesn’t fit in the team playstyle-, communication- or otherwise. These can be made until the Sunday of game week 9.

If a player wishes to get released, he/she has to provide a reason to the GM and the IEL committee. He/she can be replaced without the usage of a tactical transfer. But the player won’t be able to get signed by another team for the period of 3 weeks.

If you are releasing a player between game weeks, you must have the replacement player available before the start of the next game week (Monday 00:00).

If the change is due to happen whilst a game week is in process, then the replacement player must be ready to join your team immediately. Teams must have 4 players on a roster at all times, and teams that are found participating with an incomplete roster will be penalised (punishment according to the circumstances, is handed out by the committee).

Transaction Reporting

Franchises wishing to sign free agents must follow the process that IEL lays out for GMs to follow. To sign a player, the GM will need to go #report-signings and tag the player that they wish to sign. They will be expected to use the following format, or a similar one which tags both the team and the player:

The GM shall write “@Team 1 offers @PlayerA a spot on their M/Ch/Pro roster”

The player will need to write below the transaction, confirming that they accept, whilst also tagging the GM/AGM and the team they are joining. The player will be expected to follow the same format, or a similar one which tags both the GM/AGM and the team they are responding to:

PlayerA shall write “@GM/AGM I confirm I am accepting/declining the offer from @Team 1”.

If players are being traded, then the GMs of either team will need to both confirm the player trade in the #report-signings channel and tag the teams they belong to. These are expected to conform to the following format, or something similar which includes the team tag and the player name:

The GM of Team 1  would write “@Team 1 wishes to trade PlayerA to @Team 2 in exchange for Player X” .
The GM of Team 2 will then write “@Team 2 confirms the trade of Player X to @Team 1 in exchange for Player A”.

All free agents are permitted to speak in this channel, but anyone who writes anything other than a confirmation to a signing request/declining a confirmation request in this channel will be subject to the standard infraction procedure as laid out in the rulebook (see “Additional information” for more information on the rulebook).

Minimum Games

Every player on the roster has to play 16 games during league play for the team to be eligible for playoffs. Changing teams will result in all games played set to 0. Rejoining a team the played games counter will continue from where it stopped, when the player left.
Players signed before Monday 00:00 (24hr – clock) of game week 7 will have to complete 12 games.

Everyone on your team must have played the minimum amount of series, as detailed above, by the final game day of league play. This applies to all teams that participate at IEL. Any team found in contempt of this rule won’t be playoff eligible, with their spot going to the next best team.

The GM will also face severe punishment if found in contempt of this rule, with the possibility of being barred from serving as a GM again – we take fairness and equality in our league extremely seriously, and all players deserve to play, whilst also not forcing a team to field any players excessively.

If you have replace a player from the beginning of game week 9 onwards until before the beginning of game week 12 (Monday 00:00), then that player will have to play in 6 full games for your team.

Pre-Playoff Rosterlock

All rosters are locked from the Sunday of game week 9. No tactical transfers can be made at this point.


Every team has the possibility to get a substitute. Master and Elite League teams can get players from the lower league teams of their own franchises to act as subs. It is not allowed to bring in an outsider, a player of another franchise or a free agent as a substitute.

The substitute for a Prospect league team has to meet the following requirements:

  • Being the lowest rated player by DSN of the franchise
  • Adding up the DSN of the substitute with the team’s main roster (3 highest DSN rated players) DSN is NOT allowed to exceed the DSN cap.
  • Example:
    • Team A:
      • Player BB 100
      • Player CC 87
      • Player DD 63
      • (Sub) Player EE 40
      • Sum Main Team: 250
      • Cap: 300
      • Maximal Sub DSN: 50
  • Only one pro sub can be used per series meaning there must be at least 2 players from the actual pro team roster participating

Games, that a Prospect league sub plays for a different franchise, don’t count towards the minimum games played.

League Procedure


The matchups for the coming game week have to be scheduled and recorded before Saturday (23:59 GMT/BST). The series time can be agreed on in DMs or in the #(tier)-scheduling channel.

The Captains/GMs have to use the form in the #game-recorder channel to officially schedule the series. They also have to create an “event” on the website, which will be filled with the entered statistics.


Matches have to be set up with this settings:

  • Region: EU
  • Mutators:
    • Series length: Best of 5
    • No others
  • Team names:
    • Your franchise name (tier)
    • The opponents franchise name (tier)
  • Team colours: Only if agreed by the other team

Score Reporting and Stats Recording

To report a score the winning team captain or the GM has to post the score in the #(tier)-score-reporting channel. The report has to have this form

Your team 3 – (0,1,2) your opponent

The screenshots have to be posted by the winning team in the #(tier)-game-logs channel. It should follow this format:

Your team vs. your opponent game day x (3 – (0,1,2))

Screenshot 1 to (3, 4 or 5)

Screenshots have to be taken by everyone, to ensure full coverage of the games. It is advised to use BakkesMod that has the option to autosave replays from private matches.

For every game played stats have to be logged by the team captain or a dedicated stats logger of the franchise. The stats logging has to be completed by Sunday (12:00, 24-hr clock). Failing to log 3 series will result in the second highest DSN player to be prohibited to play until the number of unlogged series is smaller than 3 again.

A statistics guide will be released before the season starts and an explanatory VC will serve as introduction.

If the prohibited player still plays the team will receive a forfeit loss. All statistics have to be entered before playoffs or the team won’t be eligible.


The MMR recording for players is one of the most vital procedures that takes place during the offseason, as it is what we use as a basis and foundation for our whole league. The DSN of the base players are all taken in as close a time span as possible to ensure fairness and equality. They are also fully finalised shortly before a season starts, so that the chance of players having a drastic rise after their MMR is taken is reduced. The method that we use for taking MMR is as follows:

25% of previous season’s MMR + 75% of peak MMR from current Rocket League season/of peak MMR from previous Rocket League seasons (Subject to change due to RL season switches). The higher of current Rocket League season MMR peak or of the previous Rocket League seasons MMR peak is the one that will be used in the latter half of the formula.

Once all of the player MMRs are taken, we are then able to find out the MMR cutoff point between the three leagues, which determines which league a player will finally end up in. The cutoff point is generally the median (middle) value of all of the MMRs of the base players, but the final point may be modified slightly, and it is fully up to the discretion of the IEL Committee as to what that final figure is. Players can be promoted/demoted from season to season, should they find themselves on a different side of the cutoff point to the previous season.

Once this has been done, we can then go about working out the team MMR cap. The MMR cap is different for Prospect, Elite and Master League. For each league, it is based loosely on the average recorded MMR ratings of the players within that league.

The offseason break does not have a fixed length, but it has previously been around 1.5 months. This allows for the staff and the planning team to include all of the functionality that we need to get the league ready to run for the upcoming season.

IEL League Rules

IEL Moderation Rules

All of the rules listed below are in place, but are not limited to:

  • The IEL discord server
  • Franchise discord servers, that are part of the IEL i.e. Shadow eSports private discord
  • DM’s between IEL members
  • All social platforms or sites that are managed by the IEL

In general 5 infractions amount to a ban. This can change with the severity of the offense.

1A) Abusement, Harassing or bullying of a server member

Depending on the severity and the number of offenses people will receive mutes, suspension or a ban from the server.

2A) General Toxic Behaviour

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Insulting a member (Banter is tolerated to an extent)
  • Fueling heated arguments
  • Belittling others

Depending on severity this will be met with 1 or multiple infractions, which will count to the 5 infractions limit.

3A) Bypassing the word filter

Any combination of letters and numbers, that can clearly be identified as a banned word i.e.: r3t4rd, will be met with an infraction.

4A) Posting Events in #self-promo

Events are supposed to be posted in #partner-events, which requires permission from the IEL committee (contact person: Brydus). Posting in #self-promo will result in a warning for first time posting. Further posts that violate this rule will be met with an infraction.

5A) Abusing IEL Pings

Using the pings more often than once every 15 minutes, will result in a warning. Multiple instances in a short period of time or continuous abuse will result in an infraction. Spamming pings is not permitted at all times. This will be met with an infraction.

It is also not allowed it spam-ping individuals. A second ping in a short time span may be tolerated for important reason, but the number of pings in such a situation should not exceed 2.

6A) Spam

Posting the same message multiple times in the chat with the attempt to bother/annoy people, is classified as spam. First time offense will be warned. Multiple instances will result in infractions.

7A) Posting excessively in #org-promotion

Posts in #org-promotion is limited to once per day. Violation will be dealt like spamming.

8A) Requesting improper nicknames

Nickname changes are limited to additions of relevance (Team tags, feels(age)man (limited for 1 day only), IEL tags,…).

Should a member choose to change permanently his/her discord name, the name can’t be changed for 2 weeks. Permanent changes also include:

  • Shortening a the player name e.g.: Example →  Ex
  • Removal/Addition of numbers: Example → Example0815
  • Removal/Addition of special characters: Example → Example.

It is also forbidden to choose nicknames, that use banned or swear words. Or nicknames close to staff usernames. First time violation will be met with a warning. Further violations will be infracted

9A) Sexual content and nudity

Any conversations involving things like sexting, bestality, and general NSFW (not safe for work) inappropriate content violation will result in an infraction.

10A) Impersonating other members or IEL staff

Any attempt of impersonation of any other person to deceive people will be met with a mute. A second occurrence will result in an extended mute or directly into a ban.

11A) Death threats

Any threatening of another members life will be met with a ban.

12A) Discrimination, Racism or Racial slurs

A person found guilty of this will be instantly muted and infracted. Re-occurane will result in an extended mute or ban.

13A) Irregular joining an IEL league game

Members joining an IEL league game, that they are not supposed to be in, will be met with an extended mute. Multiple occurances will reult in a season suspension or a ban.

13A) Boosting

Promoting boosting services will result in a mute and an infraction. Boosting other IEL members is met with a season suspension on first occurrence and a ban on the second. Boosting is defined as ranking up with alternate accounts, or using the higher level player using the login data of the lower level player.

14) Bypassing suspensions, mutes or bans

Bypassing attempts for suspensions and bans will result in a direct ban from IEL. Bypassing mutes will be be met with an 24 hour extension on the first offense.

Additional notes:

  • The IEL Committee and Moderators, reserve the right to make decisions at their own absolute discretion.
  • IEL Committee & Moderators reserve the right to issue bans provided the following circumstances are met, there is sufficient evidence, and there is a majority vote within the staff teams.
  • If you feel like you have been unfairly punished then provide evidence against it. Otherwise don’t break the rules and you won’t be punished.
  • If you are being mistreated by other members in the server and it goes unnoticed let a moderator know.

IEL League Format Rules

) The amount of teams which participate in the IEL are decided on a season-by-season basis by the Committee, with this also being true for the amount of teams which are permitted to advance to the playoff rounds.

2B) Teams must consist of 4 players at all times. Empty slots have to be filled until Sunday 23:59 of the current game week or the next scheduled series, whatever applies first.

-Violation of this rule will be meet with forced forfeits until the roster is completed again.

3B) IEL will uses the DSN cap system, which teams must not exceed. If they do, they will be forced to trade or drop  a player and pick up another player to ensure that they are compliant with the cap. Rosters must be no more than 200 DSN less than the DSN cap to ensure the competitive aspect is still met.

-Violation of this rule will be meet with forced forfeits of the games that were played with the cap violating team. Also the team will be forced to replace one player with one that puts the team on or under the cap. This can also include the removal of the team captains role.

4B) GMs and/or Captains are responsible for making player choices before games.

5B) GMs must comply with the format detailed in the IEL Handbook in the “Transaction reporting” sub-section when signing a player from free agency/trading a player with another team.

-A violation of this rule will be met with a standard warning the first time. Continuous violation will be met with an infraction.

6B) GMs must comply with the format detailed in the IEL Handbook in the “Roster management” sub-section when wishing to replace a player. Standard infraction procedure will follow if this is broken.

-Punishments may range from a warning, over point deduction to the removal of the GM and/or the Captain of the corresponding team.

7B) If a player wishes to leave a team that they have already signed for, they must cite a reason to the GM and the committee.

-Violation of this rule will be meet with suspension of the current IEL season.

8B) Players who have been unsigned after the free agency period is up will have to confirm their free agency

-Failing to do so will result in the removal from the free agents pool. Otherwise they will be put onto the free agents list and will be able to be signed by another team.

9B) As detailed under “Roster Management” in the League Handbook, all players must play a minimum of games throughout the season. This implies all players must play 15 individual games throughout the season, and not series.

-Violation of this rule will be met with the denial of participating in the playoffs and the GM or Captain being barred from being a GM/Captain next season.

12B)  All rosters are locked from the Sunday of game week 9. The roster lock is required to ensure teams can’t make any drastic changes that could affect the league in the later part of the IEL season.

-Violation of this rule may be met with the denial of participating in the playoffs and will be handled by the committee case-by-case

13B) Pro League Subs are the lowest DSN players from all franchises.

-If that is yourself, you will be given the Pro League Sub tag, to be identified as such easily. For details the usage of substitutes refer to “Substitutes”. This applies to all franchises.

-There will be a #prospect-subs channel to search and tag substitutes.

-Teams violating the substitute cap will face a forced forfeit for the series, that the sub played.

IEL League Play Rules

) All games are played from Monday through Thursday, with almost all series between 6:30pm to 9:00pm GMT/BST (unless agreed on a different time). This applies to both league play and playoffs.

-Violation of this will result in a forced double forfeit.

2C) All games must be played on EU servers.

-If it is discovered that the game is not played on EU servers, the game has to be reset immediately. Refusal of a reset will be met with a forced FF.

3C) All players MUST use voice communications during all games.This includes a working microphone and the presence in the same discord VC. Nobody is allowed to be deafened during a IEL series

-Violation of that will result in a suspension from the current season.

4C) Only 3v3s are allowed during league play and playoffs of the IEL.

-If a team cannot make up 3 players, they will receive a forfeit loss.

5C) Matches must be scheduled by 11:59pm on the Saturday preceding the game week being scheduled for. Matches which are not being streamed are able to be rescheduled, if the GMs or Captains of both teams agree to it.

-Violation will result in a forced forfeit for one or both teams depending on the situation.

6C) Matches that are being streamed have set times which teams will be expected to show up for with a maximum of 5 min wait time – they are not able to be rescheduled.

-Violation will result in a forced forfeit for both teams.

7C) Teams have exactly 10 minutes after their scheduled time to start their match. If this timeframe is exceeded, please bring it to the attention of the @IEL Committee in the #support channel. Evidence of the scheduled game time and the refusal to play/absence of the other team MUST be provided.

-The team that didn’t show up will receive a FF loss.

8C) A forfeit will add 1 win to the record of the non-forfeiting team and 1 loss to the record of the forfeiting team. Both teams win percentage will stay the same. There won’t be logged stats for this series.

9C) Forfeiting mid-series is not permitted.

-This will result in a multi-series suspension for the highest DSN player on the forfeiting team.

10C) i) If a player disconnects within the first minute of a scoreless game (00:00 till 00:59), then the team with connection issues can leave and request a server change.

  1. ii) If a player disconnects after the first minute OR after a team have scored, the team of the player who disconnected will have to continue the game WITHOUT EXCEPTION. After the game has finished, then that player can join back or be replaced with a substitute.

Teams found of violating this rule (unrightfully demanding resets,..) will be met with a forced forfeit.

11C) Only streaming/commentating/game reporting staff are permitted to spectate during an IEL stream game.

-Violating this rule will result in a suspension from the current and the next season and if it is a repeated offense a ban.

12C) Non-IEL or a non-playing franchise streamer/member have to be in the Independent Streaming voice chat to ensure there is no advantage gained. Also permission from the opponent team must be granted.

-Violating this rule will result in a suspension from the current and the next season and if it is a repeated offense a ban.

13C) Substitutes can be used, but the player that they replace must leave the lobby before the substitute can enter. Only the participating players are allowed to enter the lobby.

-Violation of this rule will result in a forced forfeit for the team with the non-playing members.

14C) Leaving the discord as an active player of a franchise is not allowed. Non-voluntarily leaves are an exception (requires immediate rejoining)

-You will be replaced. Abuse of this rule will lead to a season suspension.

15C) Even if a series is featured on the weekly streams, teams are still responsible for taking screenshots of the final scoreboard of each game in the series.

The overlays for the stream do not always capture the final scoreboard and it is therefore not possible to totally rely on the stream to display the scoreboard.

If a winning team does not have screenshots of ALL the games played in the series, they will not receive a win for the game and will instead have a loss recorded until they can find ALL screenshots and post them appropriately. Losing teams has to provide missing screenshots.

-If not all screenshots are present both teams will receive a forfeit.

If it is discovered that screenshots are held back the team captain and the person responsible will be suspended for the current and the next season.

16C) The format for posting the series’ score and screenshots has to be upheld.

-Violation will see warnings, followed by infractions

17C) Players are never allowed to leave a game early unless they are having connection issues and are trying to reconnect to the server. The IEL wants its players to display good sportsmanship and believes that leaving early out of frustration or anger is not behavior we want in the league.

-Players will receive a standard infraction, when found guilty.

These infractions will count the same toward the total 5 infractions needed for a player to be banned from the league and server.

Please keep in mind that “leaving a game early” is defined as leaving the lobby before the post-match celebration occurs (when the winning team gets to jump around on screen). Your name MUST appear on the scoreboard.

This rule amendment is also in place to make sure that there’s no chance a player will be absent from the final scoreboard. We’ve had cases of players leaving right after the ball touches the ground to end the game and yet they don’t show up on the final scoreboard

16C) Any attempt to cheat the league, by any means including, but not limited to bribing or asking to lose a game on purpose, playing on another player’s account, exploits such as changing teams during a demo to respawn faster, signing up without the highest ranked account (main), and so on is strictly prohibited.

-Violation will result in multi-season or permanent suspension or in cases a ban from the league and server

17C) Intentional forfeiting of a series to keep a position within the league is not permitted.

-Teams found guilty of this will receive win percentage reduction and the forfeit loss. Also the team is not eligible for playoffs

18C) Your ingame name must be the same as your spreadsheet name during official IEL games. 10 name violations will result in a season suspension. A name that has special characters added counts as 2 nvs, using a different name that can be recognized by staff is 3 nvs, using one of your alternative accounts counts as 4 and a completely unrecognizable name counts as 5 nv.

Additional Information

The IEL is currently donation funded, with all donations going to funding our prize pools at the end of the season. You can find our donation link in #links. There are some small perks associated with being a donor, such as (varying by donation amount):

  • A special role and chat on our server
  • An icon on our Twitch streams
  • And more 😉

The IEL also holds tournaments from time to time. These are aimed towards keeping interest in the IEL and to build community spirit, with such events generally taking place in the offseason period.

Our rules for the IEL are found on our rulebook. These can be found in #rules on our server.

Finally, if you are experiencing any difficulty in interpreting either this manual, then make sure to ping the @IEL Support Team in #support, and they will gladly assist you.