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IEL Beginners Guide


Becoming a Player

Nice to see that you are interested to be playing in the IEL. You can head over to the league manual to look up some details, how the league is working.


At the end of this section you will be finding a checklist, you can use for the joining process.

Joining the Discord

To join the IEL you need to be a member of our Discord server, if you aren’t already in the Discord you can join us by clicking the image below.

Set your roles

Once you’re in, you should head to the notice board category. In there you will be able to set your roles within the server. Here you can find a list, which you will be able to choose:

  • Your platform (non-pingable)
  • Your country role (non-pingable)
  • Scrims 3v3 (pingable)
    • Will notify you, when people are looking for friendly matches between each other
    • If you ping this role also state which skill range your opponents should be
  • LFP roles (ping-able)
    • Select your according role for your 2s and 3s rank to be pinged, when people are looking to play
    • It is advised to GCs to add their MMR range
  • IEL roles (non-pingable, but you get pinged)
    • IEL Alerts for news and announcements for really important updates (highly advised)
    • Social for all website, reddit and twitter news
    • Job openings, when we are actively looking for people to join staff
    • Community nights (currently not hosted)
    • Tournaments and everything related
    • IEL Partner events


We operate a strict DSN system in the IEL, and all players must be at
least Diamond 1 Division 1 (935 MMR, for 2v2 and 3v3 to be exact) in any playlist. This is to ensure that both of our leagues remain competitive, and that we don’t have anyone in the IEL, who isn’t willing to improve. You will also be able to join if you have at least Diamond 1 in either Solo Duel (1v1), or Solo Standard (3v3 SS).

A sign-up requires you to have your placements done in 2s and 3s. You will also have to play at least 100 games this season OR 100 games per month the last season lasted (Season 10 was 3 months long, so the minimum requirement is 300 Season 10 games). The games can be done in all playlists but the majority (75%) has to be completed in the soccar playlists.

With joining this league you commit to a 12 week long season. This will include ups and downs as well as tough series and rough defeats, we want you to make sure you understand this before becoming a part of IEL.

Signing up

Now you can sign-up using either the website (WIP):


Tips for the sign-up:

  • You have to enter your full discord username with the # and the numbers in the end
  • When you are from the US please enter after selecting other: USA
  • Steam/Gamertag doesn’t need a steam profile link
  • If you can’t get a working link ask in #support for help
  • When entering links into the form, do not enter the ‘HTTP://’ ‘or HTTPS://’

Once this done, you can contact a staff member if you have further questions. Within the next couple of days, (outside of league play applications usually take longer). If not ping the planning team to give you an update on your situation.

Free Agency

If you are accepted, you will receive a DSN rating. DSN is short for Designated Skill Number. It is based on our peak MMR in all playlists. This number will be used to calculate your and a team’s nominally (perceived) strength.

You can head over to #s4-lft-advertisements to give a biography on yourself including your DSN, peak, playstyle, and goals for the season. There is a pin with the general format of the ad. It is forbidden to use that channel for LFT advertisements for non-IEL-tournaments.

With that done, you can look for a team, if you haven’t got one already.

Joining a team

To join a team a GM must sign you. Write to GMs and ask for tryouts/scrims/combines.
The experience of past seasons showed, that people are far more likely to be picked up if they show the initiative. There was always a good number of Free Agents. So make sure you get in touch with as many franchises as possible.

Try out for them and find a roster you are comfortable with. Keep in mind you won’t be able to freely change teams. Any player can only be on 3 different rosters during one IEL season.

When you find a franchise that is willing to sign you, they will @ you in #report-signings. There you will have to confirm the spot and then you are good to go.

Playing on a team

You and your 3 team mates will play a season of league play together. The captain of your team will do the administrative things. If you are the captain, you have to make sure:

  • The date and time for both of your games next week is agreed by Saturday 23:59 British Time
  • Your team has a screenshot of EVERY scoreboard in the series
  • You have to log the stats each week
  • Make sure everyone plays at least 15 games during league play (take the possibility of forfeits into account)

As a player:

  • Tell your captain your availability as soon as possible
  • Make screenshots from the final scoreboard, so you won’t get a forced forfeit

Leaving a team

If you don’t want to be longer on a team, you will have to get released. This can be done by agreement with the GM, however you must provide a reason you are leaving. You are free to provide any reason. Reasons other than a tactical transfer will result in you not being able to join a team for 3 weeks. If you get released by a tactical transfer you can join another team immediately.

Should you get released because of a rule violation you will be issued according punishment.

Checklist for players


  • Join our Discord server:
  • Set your roles
  • Have the following information ready
    • Discord username
    • Gamertag
    • Rocket League tracker network link
  • Make a lft-advert
  • Get in contact with GMs
  • Tryout
  • Get signed

Bringing in your own team

Bring in a complete franchise

If you have 3 teams ready to compete you are good to go. The only thing you have to make sure is they fit into the right league and the teams as a whole under the DSN cap and over the minimum DSN for the team.

Only 1 team per league is permitted and you have to fill all 4 spots of all 3 rosters.

You are advised to assign captains, who are the contact persons for your respective teams.

Bring in a single team

If you want to bring a single team in, you have to find yourselves a franchise to join. We don’t permit single teams to join our league. Best practice would be to talk to all GMs to see if they are looking for a complete roster in the respective league.

You also have to fit the DSN cap and make sure all your players are in the same league. If you are a 3 man team you have to get a substitute, that has to play 15 games. Keep that in mind as well.

It is also an option to become a GM yourself to get your team in. However you have to take full responsibility for it. You can inform yourself on the matter in this guide:

Becoming a part of the IEL Staff

The staff roles of the IEL are positions that are handed out to trustworthy individuals after a careful revision process. We are always looking for people that are interested in helping us to become even bigger and better than we currently are. We are open to bringing people without much of a name in the IEL onto our staff team, but you will be put on a trial run if this is the case.

If you are interested in joining us behind the scenes, then you will first need to check which jobs are available – you can do this by heading to #job-board, which details the current vacancies that we have. If a vacancy is open that you like the look of, then you can head to head to #links and complete the “IEL Staff Vacancies” form. You can message the head of a staff team as well to see if it needs more manpower.

You are also able to add any other positions that you think you would be good for, whether they’re listed in #job-board or not. These will be kept in mind for the future if we happen to need people in those positions, or we open up a new position that doesn’t currently exist.